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Jim Edwards Bits

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Master craftsman Jim Edwards of Blum, Texas began creating bits in 1986. After years of ranching and riding hundreds of horses for work, team roping and showing, he began to question conventional bridle bits. Because he wasn’t satisfied with how his horses reacted to conventional bridle bits, he started building and experimenting with his own designs.

What he discovered was that tongue pressure, pain in the horse’s mouth along with inconsistencies in rider’s hands, will trigger an array of instinctive protection responses. When these instincts kick in, the horse stops thinking and starts reacting. Reacting to pain instead of relating to cues can make for a bad day’s ride, and over time creates bad habits that inhibit the horse’s natural athletic ability.

After years of making bits for professional horsemen and horsewomen in the performance arena, Jim has expanded his line to include bits ideal for ropers and barrel racers. Manufacturing Jim Edwards Bits is a family affair, and includes his wife Elaine and son Austin.

All bits are produced in their small shop next to the family home in Texas. Jim’s bits can be found at select equine events, where the Edwards’ have sample bits to test ride before you buy.


In performance and showing events, the bit's function is to ask, tell, remind and be sharp if necessary. The prettier and more correct the horse and rider can show, the increased chances of success.

In speed events, the horse needs more protection from the rider’s hands. Training and cues are perfected in the practice pen. At the time of competition for a speed event, the more efficient the horse can do his job without interference, the more athletic he can be.

 Here's a video of Million dollar NRHA rider Casey Deary and Professional Barrel Horse Trainer Dena Kirkpatrick discussing how a bit's mouthpiece effects a horse's innate instinct to go to or push against pressure. They discuss why Jim's mouthpieces have become irreplaceable tools in their programs, and the philosophy behind them. They focus on Jim's NON-PALATE pressure & correction style bits.



Slider Shank:  Allows for inconsistencies in the rider's hands and gives the horse more time to react to the rider's impulses.  Available in 4-1/2", 5-1/2" and 6-1/2" shanks.

Fixed Shank:  Offers direct contact and immediate cues.  Available in  4-1/2", 5" and 5-1/2" shanks.





Rope Gags


The stiff yet flexible shanks are what make this gag bit so unique and unconventional.  The rope's resistant body allows the shank to bounce back like a rubber shank.  It slows down and muddles the inconsistencies of the rider's hands.  Horses are very accepting and understanding of this gag because the cues are slow and unbinding, making the horse feel comfortable and receptive to training.



Full Ring:   The centered shank on the bit offers lateral flexion and directional cues.

Half Ring:   A step up in education from the full ring, it offers increased leverage and more control over forward movement.




All mouthpieces are mild steel and have a lifetime guarantee.


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