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Sherry Cervi Signature Collection


There are few cowgirls today who are as well-respected as Sherry Cervi. With multiple NFR Qualifications and World Championships on several different horses, Sherry's continued success marks her as an exceptional horse trainer.

Sherry designed her Signature Collection with consideration of all stages of training and the action of the bits.  All of Sherry's bits are nicely weighted to provide quick pickup and release.  This means it takes deliberate action to cue the horse, with immediate release of pressure when you drop your hands.  Her snaffles have weighted Dee rings with a light stainless mouthpiece that glides effortlessly and are available in many different options and degrees of control.

The Sherry Cervi Signature Collection combines functionality with a distinctive silver scrollwork for a great look and feel.

 “I see a lot of barrel racers who reach for the most severe bit in the trailer at the slightest resistance rather than following a natural progression. You should always start mild and work your way up only if needed. I recommend starting a colt or charging horse with mild bits to teach them to yield to pressure while building confi dence and establishing correct body position. That’s why I start with my smooth D-ring snaffl e before anything else, and then move up to the Diamond Draw series.”

-Sherry Cervi


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