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Zone Pads

Tomorrow's technology delivers superior protection today. What makes the Zone Series different?  Science.  Each Zone pad contains a strategically placed insert filled with cells containing a material called Zoombang.  Zoombang is a leading edge polymer that is being employed to protect professional athletes in high impact sports such as football, hockey, and NASCAR, where weight is a disadvantage and protection is crucial. This viscoelastic polymer is a semisolid at rest, unchanged by temperature or age. This means it conforms to a degree for comfort.  The real test of any saddle pad, however, comes upon impact.  This is when Zoombang's molecular structure instantly stiffens, dissipating shock over a wider surface area and reducing the impact of the blow.  In milliseconds, after the shock has subsided, Zoombang returns to its original state.  When you need the ultimate protection under your saddle, pick up a Zone pad and put science to the test.


• Absorbs 80% of impact forces
• Soft, conformal protection allows body movement and support
• Polymer is soft at rest, adjusting to the contour of
   horse and saddle
• Reacts instantly upon impact, absorbing energy
   and protecting the horse
• Returns to its soft resting state after impact
• Unprecedented lightweight protection trusted by hundreds of
   professional athletes
• Science-based and significantly tested
• Engineered to manage, dissipate, and transfer energy
• Specially formulated for equine athletes to help reduce injury and stress
• Non-toxic
• Will not wear out, dry out, freeze, or melt

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