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Professional's Choice Futurity Bit
Futurity Bit - 5-1/2" Cheek
Futurity Bit - 5-1/2" Cheek
Futurity Bit - 5-1/2" Cheek
Futurity Bit - 5-1/2" Cheek
Futurity Bit - 5-1/2" Cheek

Futurity Bit - 5-1/2" Cheek

Professional's Choice

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This is a good bit for the young horse who is ready to be transitioned from a snaffle to a shank bit. The short gag action allows the rider to pick up a horse when needed, allowing for greater control.

Mouth:  5-3/4" 

Smooth - The traditional snaffle has a slightly curved mouthpiece so it is easy for a horse to carry and is comfortable. This mouthpiece will apply even pressure to the corners of a horse's mouth.

Chain - This mouthpiece is soft and lies across the horse's tongue and bars comfortably without pinching. This mouthpiece offers good lift and flexibility

3-Piece Twisted Wire - The three-piece twisted dog-bone mouthpiece allows for more control than the smooth version. 

3-Piece Smooth - The three-piece smooth dog-bone with a copper roller mouthpiece is comfortable as it lies across the tongue. The smooth bars offer a softer feel. Copper roller provides entertainment for a busy horse and promotes salivation.

Twisted Low Port - The twisted wire is more effective on the bars and the lower port is mild on the palate, making it very effective for keeping a horse’s hip shaped during a run.

Smooth Medium Port - This mouthpiece has smooth flexible bars that are softer on the corners of a horses' mouth. The slightly taller port moves freely at the joints and relieves tongue pressure. This is a good bit for speed events.



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