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Dutton German Martingale w/ Single Rein
Dutton German Martingale w/ Single Rein

Dutton German Martingale w/ Single Rein

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Not only is this made with the most amazingly soft and supple leather, ALL the hardware is brass.  If you live in a wet climate like I do, you'll know why that is such a benefit....NO RUSTING!!!!


The martingale is a very useful tool to help a horse in learning proper head position as he learns collection. When adjusted correctly it teaches horse to give to our hands and flex at the poll.  It doesn't force the head to stay in a position but guides it into position.  Pressure is automatically released when correct head placement is achieved.

Adjustment:  too loose, it will have no effect at all; the "loop" in the rope never makes contact with their mouth.  Too tight, and you'll have too much draw and will bring their head into their chest; the horse has to flex too far to find their release.  A good neutral adjustment would be when the "loop" is taken out of the rope piece, and contact is on the leather rein, the head should be brought into vertical position.

Designed to be used with a loose or D-ring snaffle.





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